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for teens

The teen years are a time of growth, physical and emotional change and the beginning of independence.

It's an exciting time.  It is also a very stressful and angst ridden time.

Peer pressure becomes all consuming. Thoughts build and repeat:

"How do I look? What do they think of me? Am I popular, cool?"


All of a sudden as parents what we say doesn't seem to have an impact.  'We don't understand'/'we don't know what it's like'. 


Depression is a real issue and can be overwhelming; anxiety can be debilitating and restricting.

Being a mother of 5 children as well as a full trained Li-CB Therapist I specialise in helping teens understand their anxiety and depression; giving them the tools to learn how to cope and overcome.

Help your teen:

Boost confidence and self-esteem

Change negative thinking

Learn how to self-regulate

Adopt problem solving & assertiveness skills

Overcome procrastination

Tackle exam anxiety 

Learn to Fight the Fear


Adopt life-long problem solving skills in as little as 12 sessions (subject to circumstance)

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