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Who do you work with?

I primarily work with women, but my Cool Kids Program is specifically designed for children and the unique challenges they face.

Can my business hire you?

Yes, I provide motivational lectures, self-improvement workshops and support groups.

What will the first session be like?
Described as an intake session the objective will be to gain understanding of the problems you have been experiencing, where they happen, how often and to outline treatment goals.

How often are sessions?
Sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis and each session lasts for one hour.

How long does therapy usually last?
The length of therapy is often shorter than other types of therapy and can be as short as between 12 and 20 weeks.

What is the price of each session?
Prices are variable depending on location and specifications of therapy. For more information please contact me.

Is CBT more effective than other forms of therapy?
CBT is the only form of therapy that is widely proven to be effective for panic disorder, agoraphobia and other forms of anxiety disorder.  There are dozens of studies that prove the dramatic effectiveness of CBT.  There is an absence of studies showing the effectiveness of other forms of therapy.

What if I’m skeptical about CBT?
It's not necessary to believe in this approach for it to work.  As you see the results for yourself, you begin to believe in it!

Can I do CBT when I’m taking medication for my anxiety and depression?
Many people find they get excellent results with a combination of CBT and medication.  Many others prefer CBT alone – they find that it is more effective than medication and has no side effects.  However all decisions regarding medication should be discussed only with a medical professional.

Do you offer Skype sessions for out-of-town clients?
Yes absolutely, and for current clients who wish to continue meeting while traveling for work or during extended school breaks.

What is your privacy policy?
Your privacy is extremely important to me. I follow the Psychological Protection of Privacy Law (1981) closely to ensure your Protected Health Information (PHI) is secure.

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