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Deborah French MSc is a psychotherapist specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Equipped with both formal qualifications and years of hands-on experience with clients and her own neuro-diverse children, she treats all types of anxieties for women and children.


Deborah’s work includes a unique crisis intervention programme that she developed to help parents navigate childhood behavioural problems, including how to neutralise aggressive outbursts as they happen. With a special focus on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated behavioural and communication challenges, she guides parents facing ineffective communication and disrupted family dynamics.


This expertise and innovative approach has led to Deborah becoming highly in-demand from schools and organisations. Such appearances include an invitation as an expert speaker at the 2022 Autism Parenting Summit, and being part of a Parent Teacher Senco to give direction on how to work with children facing anxiety or challenges during the school year. 


In addition to delivering talks, Deborah is a regular blogger for Psychology Today magazine, has been a contributor to Autism Parenting Magazine and the NHS website, and is a three-time author, including her double award-winning memoir A Brief Moment in Time. 


Deborah holds a post-graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and obtained a Master of Sciences (MSc) in The Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health from King’s College London.


Deborah combines her personal, professional and academic experiences to create an effective intervention that teaches proactive and confident decision-making within a comprehensive framework, with a view to improve overall well-being for neuro-diverse individuals and the people who engage with them.

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