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for children

Being the parent of an anxious child is not an easy task.  Pressure consumes parents in terms of time and emotion and often extends to family and friends as well.

It is very stressful to see your child in distress suffering from anxieties and fears.


Childhood fears are normal and expected.  But sometimes we don't know the best way to respond and just not knowing what to do can compound them and strengthen them.

The Cool Kids Program is an integrated skills training course that will help your child learn to manage their anxiety so that it no longer interferes with their everyday activities.  Working alongside your child, you will also have the opportunity to develop skills that will help you support your child in the way that you want to.

The Cool Kids Program will:

Boost confidence and self-esteem

Change negative thinking patterns

Teach new behavioural choices

Strengthen social and assertiveness skills 

Tackle bullying issues 

Teach your child to Fight the Fear

Provide parental support & guidance

Adopt life-long problem solving skills in as little as 12 sessions (subject to circumstance)

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