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Workshops can be tailored to your specific requirements whether talking to a small or larger group.

Popular topics to include:

5 Steps to Effective Communication

It really is possible to learn how to reduce conflict by communicating in an effective way.  An eye opening workshop based on the renowned teachings of Dr David Burns.

Autopilot; The Depressive's Best Friend

Depressive thoughts further distort our reality.  The more we think it to be a certain way the more our thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Autopilot covers up depression allowing us to deceive those around us as well as ourselves.   Learn to identify the signs in the Autopilot; The Depressive's Best Friend workshop.

The Should/Must Attitude to Intimacy

The challenges surrounding intimacy is directly connected to anxiety and depression.  Learn to recognise the signs and adopt tools to overcome intimacy issues in The Should/Must Attitude to Intimacy.

8 Steps to understanding my Anxious Child

There is a fine line between naughty and anxious childhood behaviour.  It can be a very difficult task understanding how to make the differentiation.  The 8 Step to Understanding my Anxious Child workshop is an eye opener for every parent wanting to understand their child's behaviour.


The Importance of Social Skills and Why We All Need a Revision Course

We all look at confident people and think 'gees how to do they do it?'  Our social skills impact everything and very rarely do we stop and think about whether or not our skill set is as up to as it could be.  The Importance of Social Skills and Why We All Need a Revision Course teaches us to check our skill set giving us the best chance at effective communication in all aspects of life. 

Choice; The Game Changer for Positive Outcomes

If you suffer from conflict phobia, lack of assertiveness skills or are a continual recipient of negative consequences learning the power of choice can be a life changer.  Choice; The Game Changer for Positive Outcomes teaches you rational thinking skills that help challenge thought process in any given situation, giving you the confidence to affect positive change in your life.  

The Secret tool CBT gives the Autistic child

As a mother of two children with special needs; a son with autistic spectrum disorder and a daughter with Down's syndrome developing tools to help my children have been a constant occupation for 17 years.  The Secret Tool CBT gives the Autistic Child workshop combines insight both from a profession stand point and from hands on personal life experience.  

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