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CBT for Women

Tailored to support a Woman's Perspective 

The 2:1 ratio of depression among women compared to men calls for a significant need for specialised cognitive behavioural treatment for women.

There are stressors that are unique to women.  For example the balance of marital and work roles, motherhood and parenting issues, the social stigma of needing to do it all.  And do it well. 

Let's not forget the challenges of making aliyah and managing your families adjustment as well as your own to a new language, environment, schools, friends and career.

I focus on helping women overcome the following challenges:


Generalized anxiety disorder

 Social anxiety. Health anxiety

Procrastination. Phobias. Panic attacks


Intimacy and relationships

Lack of confidence.  Low self-worth.  Lack of assertiveness skills


Women do not need to suffer in silence.  Change is possible.

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