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Is your child suffering from anxiety?

It isn’t easy to be the parent of an anxious child.

As parents we find ourselves caught up in a vicious cycle as we attempt to manage the situation.

On the one hand we want to do all we can to protect and support our child.
              On the other we feel overwhelming frustration and despair realising that nothing we do makes a difference and the situation seems to be getting worse and worse…

       The whole family becomes impacted
                The anxious child starts missing out on regular childhood activities
                              Families suffer for a long time not realising something can be done

The Cool Kids program…

is a world renowned skills-based program based on cognitive behavioural therapy 

Helping you and your child develop skills that will help manage anxiety

so that it no longer interferes with everyday activities.

How does Cool Kids work?

The program is suitable from children aged 6-18
Parent and child work together with me in session
Parent and teen work together and separately with me
Learn and adopt new skills together both in session, at home and in school
Heal family relationships
Build child’s confidence and self-esteem
Receive parental support and guidance

FAQ’s about the Cool Kids Program?

How long does the program usually last?
The Program is usually implemented in over 10 sessions.

How quickly can I expect to see results?
It takes time and work to learn to manage anxiety and not all children make progress at the same rate. Expect to make progress in a zig-zag fashion rather than a straight line but there will be noticeable changes before the program ends.

Why do I need to be present in session, it’s not the way we’ve worked with other therapists?
Research has shown that for children, involvement of parents in the treatment of anxiety disorders leads to much better outcomes. Working together with me to help support your child will boost their confidence, help them feel safe and positive as they progress through the program.

I’m worried I’ll be blamed for my child’s behaviour; it’s putting me off getting help. Will I feel

The program is not intended to judge or lay blame at any party. My job is only to work with you and your child to understand what has been happening; empower you both by giving you tools to help your child manage their anxiety.

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