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The Art of Video Making with Anxiety

Updated: May 21, 2020

I've spoken so many times in public. For some people just the idea of presenting to an audience brings on panic symptoms. It was the one thing that never bothered me. If anything it spurred me on and got me excited to get 'up there' and say what I wanted to say.

I gave my first public speech in front of 250 people for my Batmitzvah when i was 12 years old. My mother taught me all the tools I know now. I was nervous yes but remember how much I enjoyed it.

Fast forward to my first video recording; a promotional necessity for my new Li-CBT clinic. Double checks were made before filming day asking if I was ready 'yes of course' i replied 'I speak publicly all the time I can do this in my sleep'.

How wrong I was! I couldn't have imagined the nerves that took over me just being in a room with my Videographer and a camera. I stumbled to find words, relax my shoulders, appear approachable rather than 'queeny' and say everything I wanted to say.

What a paradox. An Li-CBT therapist, battling with anxiety to produce a video about how to manage anxiety. It's quite funny really.

But then I thought what a great opportunity to show how anxiety can hold you back; how uncomfortable it makes you feel but most importantly how natural it is to feel it.

My video is completed. I would love to hear your comments below and be sure to check the outtakes showing my anxiety in full bloom!

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