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Marital Support

Wedded bliss isn’t only for other people. You, too, can have the marriage you deserve, even if you’re in a rut.

2020 has been a challenging year. For many people, possibly the most challenging year they’ve ever encountered. The fear and stress of a potentially lethal virus is compounded by living in constant close proximity with our spouses, day in and day out for months. 


Most couples aren’t used to this. A typical routine is to see each other briefly in the morning before work, and for a few hours in the evenings. 


Suddenly, we’re around each other 24/7, learning in real-time how to cope with a new reality and a new routine at home. In many cases, the consequence is friction, arguments, and unhappiness.


Do you feel unheard?


A breakdown in communication is a primary factor in the break-up of a relationship. It’s a vicious cycle of poor communication leading to frustration and disappointment, which fuel resentment and disputes, leading to further communication issues.


When we speak, we want to be heard and validated. Even if the other person thinks we’re being ridiculous, we simply want someone to say “You’re right” or “I understand. I hear you.” 


But when we listen, we often aren’t considering that. Rather, we’re picking up on multiple things at the same time:


  • Tone of voice

  • Body language

  • Facial expressions

  • Intonation

  • Subtext

  • Words spoken


We rapidly interpret all of these things to form a comeback, without actually listening to what is being communicated to us.


The truth is, good communication is much more than how you express yourself. It begins with actively listening, and understanding that the way we speak our feelings determines whether we receive a positive response or spark another argument.


It’s time to take back control


In my marital therapy sessions, you have the opportunity to identify each other’s goals, what your ideal relationship looks like, and how to communicate effectively using specific skills.


At the end of each session, you leave empowered with a new skill or technique, tailored to your individual circumstance to practice together.


You are not alone in this. Couples all over the world are facing the same battles, and you can overcome this. 


Regardless of how long you’ve been married and how long you’ve been struggling, we can work together to put you back on course for a healthy, happy, and strong marriage.


For a free initial chat, click the button below: 

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