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Deb in the Ear

My completely personalised service to defuse a confrontation with your child - in real-time

Is there conflict with your child that you struggle to control?


Does their aggressive behaviour get the better of you?


Do you later wish you’d handled the situation calmly and with more authority? 


Children bring so much joy into our lives, but parenting can also be extremely challenging.


As mothers, our role is to guide and lead so that our children become mature, courteous, and considerate adults. It’s an essential role, so it’s easy to feel like we’re letting them down when we don’t perform at our best.


Oftentimes, this is in the heat of the moment. When they’re throwing a tantrum that rubs away on our last nerve, for instance. We wish they would just do what was asked of them.


And against our better judgement, we react. We snap, shout, spank. Before we know it, the situation has escaped our control and we sink into an emotional heap of exasperation, sorrow, and regret, vowing to ourselves that next time we’ll handle it better.


Now you can take control - once and for all 


Imagine it…


The usual situation is about to begin. 


But this time, instead of the rising blood pressure, the anger, and the exasperation, you know exactly what to say - and how to say it.


This time, things play out differently. 


Emotions are kept under control and your child responds in a way you may have never seen before - in a good way.


The big tantrum or outburst that you were waiting for never arrives.


Instead, there’s calm, quiet, and a quick resolution.


Not just for today, but forever.


Who does this work for? 


Anyone - yes, including you.


My techniques work with children both with and without special needs, tackling behavioural problems including those based in fear. 


Read how this service helped a family whose young son was terrified of thunder:


[screenshot of message]


And a mother who struggled with her child’s anger:


[screenshot of message]


What’s included?


I call this service “Deb in the Ear” because that’s exactly what you get. 


It’s easy to read books, watch videos, and talk to behaviouralists to find out what you need to say and do. The problem is being able to remember that information when the moment presents itself. That’s where we usually fall short.


I created this service so we can solve the problem for you. Now you have the chance to have a qualified therapist in your ear while the moment is happening. You won’t need to remember what to say, or think of the perfect response, because I will be talking to you in real time, telling you exactly what to say and how to say it. 


You will see how the right phrases have the power to transform a situation - instantly. And we will have a follow-up call to discuss how it went, and make sure you’re able to handle it yourself next time, and every time after that.


It’s short and effective, so you don’t need to try and find spare hours for homework and worksheets.


Over two decades, I have gained practical experience in every educational framework, educating more than 1,300 students in mainstream schools. My Luck for Life programme earned a school the National Prize for Excellence in Education in 2017 for delivering unprecedented results. 


In just a few short weeks, you will have the skills to neutralise a potential conflict before it starts. You will enjoy a newfound confidence, and greater peace in your home.

Due to the nature of this service, I can only work with a limited number of people at a given time. So talk to me now to find out more be the parent you always dreamed of being.


Please complete the following form and I will be in touch soon

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